Inspelningar från SK0YT & SK9HQ

Här är några klipp från YouTube där SK0YT & SK9HQ har spelats in "på bästa sändningstid".

English: Here are some clips from YouTube where you can hear SK0YT & SK9HQ in action.

"SK0YT @ 14220.0 Op. Jennifer, SA7BUU"

"On 14-07-2012 
The station SKoYT could be heard on 14.220 Mhz. Youngsters in Sweden, aged 12 till 17 can operate trough 
this callsign and make some contest operating practice in this way I was testing my AN-GRC 106-G4 from the 
German `Bundeswehr` with only 4 meters of copperwire for rx purposes when I heard this young voice. 
In this short recording with my Ipad the YL of this station was going QRT and signing off 
Tjerk PE1IOC" 

"On 14-7-2012 
I heard SKoYT from Sweden on 14.220 Mhz Youngsters aged 12 bis 17 do become 
in this way operating practice. Nice signal; I was using only 4 meters of copperwire for test !
Tjerk PE1IOC"

SSA Youth Team kör IARU contest :)"

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